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Fairway Terraces is a resort-themed condo with Lumiventt Design Technology.

Just like all of DMCI’s built condominiums, Fairway is crafted based on the facilities of top resort hotels, plus the Lumiventt Design Technology.

Resorts have complete facilities, such as sparkling swimming pools, breathtaking promenades, sky lounges with a picturesque view of the sky and the landscape below, balconies and sport amenities for guests to enjoy their rare vacations.

These amenities allow optimum natural sunlight and air to circulate in the units. This is the Lumiventt Design Technology. The construction of the units allows Mother Nature to be permeating each unit of the condo.

Fairway Terraces condo has all these exceptional amenities and more. You could live your holiday dream every day starting 2019, through the following amenities:

Roof Deck, Picnic Grove Sky Park, atriums and Landscaped Garden – You have four choices to spend a tranquil time in; the Roof Deck, and the Picnic Grove Sky Park on the rooftop; or the Landscaped Garden on the ground and the atrium inside the building.

All outdoor amenities provide serene surroundings, where you can breathe fresh air, while taking a leisurely stroll. You could also sit for a while and just relish the cool breeze on your face during evenings, after a toxic day at work.

At the Picnic Grove, you could take your family and friends for a picnic. Relish your mouthwatering food, while easing your stress and enjoying your natural surroundings.

Children’s Playground – If you have kids, you could bond with them by playing at the safe and secure kid’s playground found within the vicinity of Fairway. There are durable swings and other playing structures provided for your kids insouciance.

Swimming Pools – Your children may opt to swim in their own Kiddie Pool, after playing. The Kiddie Pool is designed ergonomically for kids. The depth is appropriate for them and there are helpful configurations that would keep your kids safe, while they immerse themselves in the coolness of the water.

For adults like you, a Lap Pool is available for your own swimming pleasure. Wouldn’t it be delightful to take a dip in the refreshing pool when you come home weary from work?

Fitness Gym – Everything you need is available at Fairway Terraces. You could also exercise those muscles at the Fitness Gym. You’re free to choose from an array of activities, such as aerobics, weightlifting, gymnastics and others. The Open Lawn could also be an alternative area you could use.

Lounge area – This is where you could stay when you want to simply sit and relax. Because of its comfortable ambiance, it’s a great place to wait for friends or family members, or to meet and chat. You may want to read your favorite paperback novel as you wait

Basic services – The basic services, such as water station, laundry shop, and convenience store, are located within the condo, so you don’t have to venture outside for these services. This is expedient when you want your items immediately.

  • Children's Playground
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Lap Pool
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Open Lawn
  • Picnic Grove Sky Park
  • Roof Deck View Deck
  • Fitness Gym
  • Game Room
  • Landscaped Atriums
  • Lounge Area
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It has 4 high-speed elevators for ease of access in every floor, full back-up power units and laundry and water refilling stations. Convenience stores are also strategically located for your daily needs.

It’s a secure and safe residence.

Fairway Terraces condominium is a secure and safe place to purchase your home. It’s a gated compound, far from commonly flooded areas, and criminally infested communities.

Well-trained security guards roam the area 24/7, and a well-designed perimeter fence is in place to ward off intruders. Don’t worry; residents are safe from this security perimeter because there are safety measures in the interior side of the perimeter.

CCTV cameras are positioned in common areas, and automatic alarm systems are in place to promptly monitor burglars, and pinpoint where the security risk area is.

Power shortages or outages are promptly resolved with a standby electric generator that automatically kicks in, when there’s power shortage.

Fairway Terraces is situated in one of the most strategic locations in the Philippines. The easy access to major roads and transportation hubs, business centers, malls, hospitals, schools and many others alone is more than enough to consider choosing Fairway Terraces as your place of respite as the number one problem in the Philippines is the traffic. Aside from that, the elegant units and high-quality facilities and amenities will surely provide you with a relaxed and pleasant living experience.

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